• Cash reinvented

    A CuroCode is cash you can send and receive via phone, text, email, online, and in person.

  • Securing your payments

    Make payments without exposing your personal or financial information.

  • Electronic cash

    Your money has never been so mobile.

We work hard to secure your payments. See us in action…


Just like cash


Payment security you can count on


Bank–level data security

  • Never provide any personal or financial information to the payee — just the code — just like cash.
  • When you receive a CuroCode for payment, your account is instantly credited.
  • Sign up in minutes, then start making and receiving payments immediately.
  • Fund a payment using your credit card, debit card or bank account.
  • Withdraw money from your OpenCuro account to your bank account anytime — it's free.
  • CuroCodes protect your financial information. Instead of giving out bank or credit card information, use a CuroCode.
  • CuroCodes protect your personal information. Make a payment without giving out your email, phone number or even your name.
  • CuroCodes eliminate duplicate and unauthorized payments because payment codes are one-time-use-only.
  • CuroCodes are secure. To redeem a CuroCode, you must know both the 8 character alphanumeric code and the exact value.
  • We protect against unauthorized use through multi-layered security access.
  • OpenCuro uses 128-bit or higher SSL encryption, which meets or exceeds the industry standard for data protection.
  • OpenCuro has met the strictest issuing criteria for an Extended Validation security seal.